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 Asa Zane Josiah Wolff

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Asa Zane Josiah Wolff


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Character & text © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

”There are more worlds than the one you can hold in your hands.”
-The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati, The X-Files

Play-by: Isaac Andrews
CHARACTER'S NAME | AGE: Asa Zane Josiah Wolff | 0-13 - (28.2.1979, Pisces)
BLOOD: Muggle / french-english
RESIDENCE: Evelyn Grove, Ealing. (London, England)
---> House (floorplan & info)

Mother: Shana Arleen Wolff | * 1939, age 40-52
Grandmother: Reena Chenya Wolff | * 1910 - † 1972
Grandfather: Asa Zane Wolff | * 1910 - † 1944

Father: Scott Oliver Wolff, (neé. Adams) | * 1938, age 41-53
Grandfather: Daniel Matthew Adams | * 1900 - † 1989
Grandmother: Charlotte Beth Adams | * 1900 - † 11/05/1941
Great-grandfather: William Josiah Carter | * 1880 - † 1975

Godfather: Luke Milan - (really Benjamin King), * 2.3.1954, age 25-38
(father's friend)


Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Dark brown with natural curls, in some lighting they seem golden brown.
Distinctive marks: Small, red-ish heart-shaped birthmark on his right shoulder blade.
* New-born: 50 cm / 3,5 kg
age 5 – 113 cm / 22 kg
age 7 – 123 cm / 26 kg
age 10 – 138 cm / 34kg
age 13 – 153cm / 48 kg


Asa was born and raised in London, although his family travelled a lot. His mother had left her Jewish roots mostly behind but there was no question about what to call him, he was named after his parents' loved ones, those who had especially strong impact on their lives. His first and middle names after his mother's father who was an excellent, kind man and died in Nazi Germany, imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp. And third name after his father's grandpa who looked after his grandchild in the shadows of World War II, after his mother was killed in the London Blitz during its worst night, and while the father served in the war.

All the way from infancy he was raised familiar with all the cultures of his roots – mainly english, but also french, and Jewish culture and history. Although, the Holocaust they intended for the school to introduce. Even though anti-semitism still exists,and they've had to come across it occasionally through the years which has confused and frightened him. His parents simply wished to focus on cultures' and religions' positive sides and strengths rather than needlessly soon introduce the darkness and sufferings. The family's travelled a lot, especially often to his mother's homeland France.

Demanded by his overprotective mother, Asa was home-schooled half of his primary school years, until finally in 1987 his father managed to convnce her that the boy would be just fine in a state school.

Some time in the late '80s the family learns about magic's existence for sure, due to Asa's adventurous nature and beliefs increasingly often leading him to something magical. That's when they also learn that the boy's godfather is a wizard but hadn't remembered it even himself until a couple of years earlier. In the early '90s they find out that he'd been abducted from a wizarding family as a young child and raised as a muggle. These are strange and troubling times for the family. As such huge revelations makes Asa even more impossible with his adventures, while his mother - upon learning about Voldemort and Death Eaters who are basically the wizarding equivalence of Hitler and the Nazis while muggle-borns and muggles that of Jews and disabled people – would like nothing more than her family to stay far away from that society, and his father caught somewhere in between. Yet they're not willing to cut ties with a good friend they've known for countless years and named their child's godfather.


From his parents he's inherited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, but unlike them he believes or at least wants to believe in most things mythical from magic to aliens. Although his faith is strong, he's also very much interested in the evolution of Earth as his family combines that with the Christian God. Still this young boy has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up – his artistic soul draws him to one direction, whereas fascination with everything new and mythical draws him to adventuring and science, while also tempted to follow in his father's footsteps to study dinosaurs and other ancient creatures of Earth.

Even so, he's not much into doing school work, because he feels that you can only learn so much from books – much less than from adventures and real life experiences. His daring/reckless nature is almost as strong as his thirst for knowledge, so there's very few things that would stop him if he feels it ”necessary” to so-to-say stick his nose into something. Muggle-repelling charms and the police being a couple of such things. And his parents, of course. This little guy is resourceful and determined, as well as patient when it comes to his goals.
If all else fails, he may try to lie his way into or out of something and is relatively good at it. He doesn't really like lying so it indeed is mainly the last thing he tries when trying to get into something. It's more worth the effort when trying to get out of trouble, though. To strangers he can lie much more convincingly than to his loved ones.

If you claim something's impossible and it interests him at all, he'll do everything in his power to prove you wrong. In this he lacks self-control and his exceptional stubbornness comes out in more negative way than usual, requiring someone to look after him so he doesn't get himself killed. Although, if there's enough proof of the matter's impossibility he lets it be.

Generally Asa respects other people's property and privacy, but if something's in the way of something ”important” or important he throws that respect out of the window.
And you shouldn't let him roam unsupervised anywhere where lie extremely valuable or unique things that interest or fascinate him, because he can not keep his hands off of them and from studying them. Although he tries to be careful, he can't at such young age always realise how fragile some things are. Even in his search for knowledge he's incredibly spirited and if he really concentrates, also able to move as silently as a hobbit.

Although he can enjoy reading, movies, discussions, family nights etc. he most enjoys seeing and experiencing the world outside. He's very physical person also socially. It's important to him to be at least a little bit in physical contact or nearby his family members every day, and is not bothered by public shows of affection. He doesn't desperately need it and can go a day or two without any hugs or kisses or anything, but in such case he's especially elevated by a reunion. In his early childhood he would easily embrace even strangers if he was for some reason especially happy about something because of the person – but as he gains age and experience he learns to keep an appropriate distance, better acknowledging people's personal space.
He loves play-fights, but his somewhat fiery temper often leads him to real fights despite of being generally laid-back and tolerant.

Regardless of his endless pursuit of the real world's depths and passionately artistic soul, he's basically your average little boy when it comes to interests and attitudes – also enjoying make-belief games where he's in example a pirate, Peter Pan, or Robin Hood.

From most children he differs perhaps most notably by not caring about children's songs after reaching school age. Since age five he much rather listens to music from Elton John, Aerosmith, and Sting. Not that he dislikes children's songs at all, they're just not enough to entertain him. Of course he doesn't always understand everything in these artists' songs or their meanings, but it doesn't bother him. For this his vocabulary is much wider than the average peer's – not only picked from the songs he hears but they've trained his ears and mind to remember some other big words. Surely the boy may use them wrong, but is fine with it unless the mistake was embarrassing, as generally mistakes are just a good way to learn. Of course his parents try their best to control what kind of topics the boy gets introduced to, and thus regulate a bit also what artists he listens to.

Apart from his three favourite travel methods and two ballgames, he's not into sports and often skips P.E. class if not given permission to take a walk instead. The world and interests often tempt him to skip classes and homework in general, but he will give his all to essays and other such homework that allows him to research and adventure. He's got enough intelligence to gain high grades, but most of them are average. Maybe he might care more if he knew what kind of job he wants, but he's too busy living in the moment as children do.

Because of his mother's habit to overindulgence him and his family's wealth he's grown to be quite dependent on modern day comforts, and his temper may sometimes cause unpleasant situations – yet he's not one of those spoiled rich brats as he's father's made sure he doesn't get everything he wants, especially not for free.

In early childhood, apart from those happy moments, he's socially somewhat timid, although genuinely curious and happy. It's only after registering to a state school at age 8 when he began to truly find his strengths and courage to approach even those his mother didn't necessarily consider ”safe”. The boy developed a habit to speak his mind perhaps too eagerly, as well as a sharp tongue. For as much as he loves his mother, he started to realise she'd been overprotective and controlling. In the presence of his parents or grandfather he usually remains more discreet and polite than he bothers to at other times. He loves spending time with his family – especially when grandpa can join them.


Drawing: He's exceptionally gifted, already at primary school age he draws like a talented adult; realistic and detailed creatures and animals – he can draw comic book style as well but prefers more ”serious” style. He's also very passionate about art; rarely he can hear or see anything else but the drawing while working on it. If running out of paper, important documents and walls are endangered. If he gets his hands on a bottle of spray paint and an inspiration hits he goes for it no matter whose property he's on or if he got permission or not– justifying it to himself with the fact that he's not spraying pointless mess like some others. Still, fully aware of its illegal nature, he attempts to not get caught. He also likes drawing caricatures, especially when he feels artsy but doesn't feel any specific inspiration.

Sports: During summer months it's nearly impossible to make him walk anywhere – he prefers a skateboard, bike or roller-skates. Even during early spring, autumn and winter months he might be seen taking wheels of some size under him regardless of the weather – unless his parents have succeeded to lock them away well enough. He plays football and baseball, though only on spare time with his friends.

Collecting: Matchbox cars, stickers and Collector cards (especially Star Wars), and seashells.

And remote-control toys, video games, board games, monster movies, Halloween, most kinds of documentaries, adventuring, and much more.


- Understands french effortlessly and speaks it relatively well, especially around age ten. Of course only mundane discussions and not complicated adult topics filled with big words.

- Suffers from astraphobia. (Intense fear of lightning storms / lightnings.)
He can barely function, or at least concentrate on anything, during a lightning storm – depending on how bad, long and close it is, and if not alone, how much he trusts whoever he's with. He wants to go indoors immediately if it seems like there might be more than rain coming down. No one knows where this sources from for him.

- Loves Christmas and Christmas time more than any other festive season of the year. Focusing more on its earthly aspects than his parents' would like him to.

- His name's origins are Jewish/Hebrew and mean:
Asa = healer
Zane = God's gift
Josiah = God saves
english origin, Wolff = wolf

- Owns two pet rats 2/1989-1/1992. Sisters who are 22 cm long + 12 cm tail when reached adult size. Brown and black – [pic]

- With his family he attends church every Sunday, Easter and Christmas. (Ev.lut.)
Their faith is strong, but they don't believe in the Bible blindly – acknowledging its self-contradictions and that it was written by mortal men and not God, and how some 2000 years of various translations has more than likely changed its contents significantly from the original texts. They believe in Jesus, that he is the Son of God, the Messiah – and adapt the Bible's positive guidelines and lessons into their life, holding the Ten Commandments in especially high importance as they are the ones that supposedly were given by God himself. The Creation they hold as only a fictional story imagined by ancient people. They themselves combine evolution and the higher power – as did the man who introduced the evolution theory to the world, later scientifically proven to be more than a theory.
None of them is a fanatic or uptight, but practice their faith on a healthy level among themselves as well as respecting others' views and beliefs.

- The main purpose is to write them in the muggle society interacting with other muggles as well as, sometimes, unknowingly with witches and wizards - but focusing on muggle things. Until in the late '80s magic truly enters their life. But it will never consume their life.

VOICE: Scott - Asa - Shana
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Asa Zane Josiah Wolff
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