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 the Wolff family

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Asa Zane Josiah Wolff


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PostSubject: the Wolff family   Sun 24 Jan - 1:29

02/1979 --->

Clixk the image to view it completely and full-size!


Evelyn Grove, Ealing. (London, England.)
---> Upper class neighborhood. Ealing in general being from middle-class to upper class.

* 13-15 km from Central London - (Charing Cross Rd.)
--> Travel time typically:
Metro: 40-60 min.
Car: 30-60 min all day. 25-35 min at night.
Bike: approx. 50 min


[PIC] - [PIC] - [PIC]

The front yard is: 17 m x 6 m.
With motion detecting yard light.

(24 m x 17,5 m, max.)

You can enter this directly from the front yard, too, through a gate after a path on the right side of the house. The gate is of course very high and always locked.

Surrounded by 2 meters high evergreen hedge, and in addition tons of bushes on all three neighbours' sides..
The pool's dimensions are 3,5 x 7,0 x 3,5 m, it's surrounded by light gray marble tileing, a 1,5 m high metal railing and a gate that's locked when no one's in there. It's covered with a thick top when empty or unused for a long time.

By the swingset at the back grows a holly bush, and by the terrace side an old maple tree suitable for climbing. On the left side among the flower bushes grows a tiny evergreen spruce.



  • 307 m2 + basement + garage + garden shed.
  • Living room, kitchen, dining room, study, downstairs WC, bathroom, utility room, and 6 rooms out of which three are used as bedrooms.
  • Walls and the roof are white.
  • Floors are wallnut parqut, mostly mid-brown apart from the kitchen and dining room. Tiled bathroom/WC, white and beige. The doors are dark brown wallnut, classic style with roman handles. [PIC]
    Kitchen desktops and most closets are light brown wallnut.
  • Although the house is large, it gets lots of natural light due to every room having numerous or large windows.


  • Entrance hall, W:3 m x D:6 m (max.) with a small wc (1,5 x 1,5 m.) The closet next to the coathanger is supposed to be dark brown, the programme messed it up. The stairs turn a bit to the right at the top, Walls block the view so you can't see upstairs unless you specifically try to from the bottom of them.
  • Large living-room (W:3,5m x D:7,5m.) With a couple of meters wide pocket door which almost seemlessly blends to the wall when all the way open, which it usually is.
  • Through the living room and a normal door you'll find yourself on the other side of the house, where's a home gym (W:3,5 m x D:3 m), the cupboard under the stairs, backdoor to the rear yard and the basement door. The basement are gray cement as is the floor, the programme just refused to colour them. Takaovessa on lasiruutu (2/3-osaa.)
  • Utility room (W:3 m x S:4 m.) The door from the back of the house is a doble-sliding door and at least one of them is always partially open.
  • Kitchen (W:5 m x S:3 m), above the desktops are cupboards even though they don't show in the picture. The side door to the rear yard is the same type of glass-panel door as the backdoor.
  • The fridge is huge and dark blue with the door painted as the British Union flag.
  • Dining room (W:5 m x D:4 m.) To the right from the door stands a small corner table, on the opposite corner a long worktop and low cupboards under it. On the left stand a couple of high closets, a frezer and a ficus.


  • On the left behind the stairs a tall drawer and a storage room (2 x 2 m), and a guestroom (W:3,5 m x D:4 m.)
  • A railing of course lines the stairs on the right to where Asa's room is. The other two sides are surrounded by walls.
  • To the front-left from the stairs is Scott and Shan's bedroom (W:5 m x D:6 m), and next to it the study (W:2,5 m x S:3 m.) It used to be Asa's bedroom until 1983.
  • Opposite to the parents' bedroom is a billiards room (W:5 m x D:3 m)
  • Above the garage is a thinking room, (W:4,5 m x S:6 m.) Obviously the pool table would've fit here much better, but this being the most quiet part of the house they wanted to dedicate it to any situation someone might seek some peaceful alone time. The bed is high, one of those with a ladder, heavenly soft and spaceious. Under it you'll find a desk. On the drawer lie a wide selection of books. This room is also used as a second guestroom, if needed.
  • Upstairs hall is almost empty apart from a small round table, a trunk and three high closets.
  • Asa's bedroom (W:3,5 m x S:4 m)  also includes a high bed with a ladder. Under it more drawers and tons of stuff, and for a few years his pet rats' cage.


(Coming later, maybe. It's quite large, approx. 9 m x 10 m.)

~ AND:
I don't own any of the photos behind txt links.
I only own the rear yard and house floorplans. I created them using Floorplanner.

VOICE: Scott - Asa - Shana
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the Wolff family
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