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 Shana Wolff

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Asa Zane Josiah Wolff


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Character & text © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Amanda Holden
Shana Arleen Wolff
*1939 - (age 40-52)
Pediatrician. (A medical doctor managing childhood illnesses.)

Spouse: Scott Oliver Wolff
Son: Asa Zane Josiah Wolff
Father-in-law: Daniel Matthew Adams
(Everyone else has died before the site timeline starts, but introduced in her son's profile.)

Ealing, London, England.

Baking, cooking, Halloween, garage sales, writing a journal, reading to kids, shopping, traveling, hiking, gardening, dining out, reading (fantasy novels and non-fiction), different cultures...


Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Height/Weight: 162 cm / 56 kg
Build & general appearence: Small. fit and thin. A head shorter than her husband. Very warm and gentle being.


She's genuinely curious, but not very brave in trying new, stranger things and needs a bigger temptations/motive or support from a loved one. Even decades after his childhood experiences she notices being overprotective of her only child and giving into his material wishes and demands too easily, but even so she can't quit the habit – as she hopes the boy would have as safe and easy life as possible, both socially and in standard of living.

Shana holds her opinions strong but not unbending. When angry she withdraws emotionally and tries to keep contact with the person as minimal as possible, but instead of only thinking of her anger she tries to figure out how to solve the problem. It's still not necessarely very constructive, for she can be hesitant in decision making, especially if under a lot of preassure.
She's very warm and tolerant soul, and although in some matters timid and careful she's basically a positive thinker. Shana loves helping other people and supporting their ambitions, but isn't remarkably ambitious herself. She enjoys the simple joys of life and especially being a home-maker whenever she's got the time. Unlike his husband and son her thirst for knowledge is easily quenched with theory and books, but she does sometimes join them on their different adventures.

She never grew to be initative or out-going when it comes to forming new relationships, so her active social circles are somewhat small. But she has a few good friends, and as she gains years and experiences it becomes easier for her to open the door to new people.


Shana's family descents from the first Jewish people of Middle East, but for countless generations her family has lived in France, her father was half english, and her husband's family has lived in England as long as anyone could remember - therefore the Middle Eastern roots do not show in her or her son's appearance. Her kin converted from Jewish religion to Christianity long ago, but proudly kept the culture alive among them for centuries (as much as possible when seperating it from the religion), until World War II forced them into keeping low profile.
As the anti-semitic propaganda and attitudes increasingly roared in the 1930s, they still managed to live quite happily in Paris. But when the Nazi-Germany took over France in the summer of 1940, they escaped to the country side as they couldn't afford moving abroad – else they would've run far away from Germany already prior to the imminent war and when Hitler's declarations first surfaced. Of course no one knew what the advertised work camps were really like, but they figured nothing run by a group like the Nazi could be that dreamy. They didn't believe in the propaganda for a second.

They managed to hide on the French country side for years, under false names and keeping low profile. Living relatively happy, though in constant fear. Especially as in addition to the Nazi soldiers, the French army wanted to find her father who should've been serving in the war. Her father was a doctor and her mother a primary school teacher, but after they went into hiding Reena became a stay-at-home mum and Zane could no longer practice as a doctor. Causing the family's income decrease suddenly and drastically, especially as the Nazis greed taxed the country's economy and resources of living necessities – the French citizens lived in desperate shortage of pretty much everything.
Important was also the protection given by good friends and kind, brave strangers whenever their cover was blown. Life was extremely exhausting especially for a little girl; though France had by far the most private citizens secretly fighting against the Nazis – on the other side of the scale were the countless citizens and the French police force who did all they could to find and give up their own Jews. Shana never fully comprehended why so many french people – much less its government - could turn against their own like that, how they could get behind the Nazi propaganda so easily.

Eventually, in 1944 the family's luck ran out - Shana's father's true identity reached the ears of wrong people, he was captured and taken to Auschwitz. At the end of the war in January 1945 he did not return home. Then 6-year old Shana's mother couldn't let go, but overprotected her daughter long after the war was over. Still they eventually dared to return to their old identities and old home. Slowly life returnded to relatively normal, apart from having to go on living in poverty and shortage as France recovered.

Later her mother purchased a headstone and grave for her husband from the nearby graveyard, even though nothing could be laid to rest in it. Shana still pays annually to keep it cared for and beautiful. These days the same grave holds her mother's urn, after she died in a car crash in the early '70s. Any time she visits France she also visits their grave.

As she finished her schooling around the mid-50's, she applied to a University in Britain. As much as she loved her homeland, a country that Hitler had not managed to invade and thus was in much better wealth and standard of living, felt like a better choice in the war-torn world. In addition, she wanted to get more familiar with her father's homeland. Soon she received english citizenship and after graduating from University she followed in her father's footsteps, specializing in children.

In 1968, during one of her visits to France she met and fell in love with an english paleontologist, Scott Wolff, and a couple of years later they felt like their relationship had proven strong enough to make a lifetime promise - they mrried in 1970. By this time also her mother had moved to England. Scott took his wife's surname, as she wished for her father's name be carried on should a son be in the cards for them. Neither of them had particularly planned to have children, but after years together it started to feel right, to be the one thing they were still missing in life.


- Speaks and understands French fluently, though speaks it with english accent, having lived in England for a couple of decades.
Of course, her current first language is english which she also speaks and understands fluently.

- She believes in God, evolution and miracles - but not in magic. If she ever found out about it and the secret society of witches and wizards, she'd stay away from it as much as possible would wish the same from her family. She doesn't hold prejudice against or judge the wizarding kind in general, just wants to stay safe what with its history being so dark and technically unsolved. Voldemort and Death Eaters being too much like Hitler and the Nazis, but unlike Hitler, Voldemort's death has not been confirmed.

- Allergic to cats and dogs. Only mildly, but strongly enough to not be able to keep one as a pet or spend a whole day in a houde where one lives.

- Loves all animals, except spiders.

VOICE: Scott - Asa - Shana
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Shana Wolff
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