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 Scott Wolff

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Asa Zane Josiah Wolff


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Character & text © Kieran
Photos: belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Gerard Butler
CHARACTER'S NAME: Scott Oliver Wolff (neé. Adams)
BIRTH DATE & AGE: *1938 - (age 41-53)
Paleontologist. (Studies, and searches for fossils of, pre-historic vertebrate animals.)
BLOOD: Muggle.

Spouse: Shana Arleen Wolff
Son: Asa Zane Josiah Wolff
Fathe: Daniel Matthew Adams
(Everyone else has died before the site timeline starts, but introduced in his son's profile.)

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ealing, London, England.

Bowling, running, visiting gyn, garage sales, traveling, watching movies, dining out, Halloween, folkore, science, video ganes, animals...

Eyes: Green, though occasionally appear to be blue.
Hair: Dark brown with natural curls. Sometimes dyes them lighter or even darker brown.
Height/Weight: 188 cm / 80 kg
Build & general being: fit/muscular
His friendly face and out-going being balance out his physical size, making him relatively easy to approach to most people. In anger he's intense but rarely aggressive. He can appear quite playful when among children, yet has no problem being an authority figure in every way that counts.


Values he holds in especially high importance are patience and hard work towards one's gols, as life has demanded those traits from him at almost every turn. Family is the most important thing in life to him and he puts its well-fare ahead of everyhing else. He's determined, self-confident, and in addition to parience also emotionally stable and usually calm - all of which his line of work requires and has further helped him gain throughout the decades. Scott is youthful even when pushing fifty – not in a mid-life crisis way but genuinely. He is interested in the modern world's development the same as the pre-historic world's.

As a brave, out-going and active person he sees the appeal and importance of gaining new experiences, but thinks reasonable safety more important and does not easily abandone it.
Also honesty is very important to him, and attempts to lead by example - lying only in means to save a life or spare somebody's feelings. When angry he usually becomes very intense and has a lot to say, but usually forgives quickly except if it's about something especially serious.

Scott's organized to the max; he might use hours trying to plan and organize something just so, trying to find the perfect way to do it, and if thrown in the middle of an actual utter chaos he becomes a regular ball of stress. He does not make the best decisions under a lot of stress, but if enough is at risk he will pull through.
(More weaknesses coming up later, these are relatively new characters and Scott's currently only a side character.)
He loves children and gladly takes chances to be with them, so long as he doesn't have to deal with a large group of them all alone. He gains a lot of strength in life's storms from watching the innocent, lively and blissfully ignorant little people live in the moment.


Also Scott's childhood was overcast by the shadows of World War II; he lost his mother and home to the worst bombing of London, in May 1941 when he was 3-years old. Well into his adult years he suffered from PTSD, symptoms triggered in example by extremely loud noises, smoke, or breaking glass, especially at night time. For the first year since his mother's death he and his maternal grandfather lived in a shelter for homeless people, worrying about his father's safety all the more. But he recalls many happy memories, too, as his grandfather was a strong source of security and joy. His father survived the war and managed to secure a job as a chef, rent a new house where the three of them settled in, and Scott who'd thus far been homeschooled by his grandfather was finally registered to a state school.

Taking after his astronomer mother, he was extremely into science. He was especially fascinated by the mankind's history before the modern human and of Earth's history before man, and being academically exceptionally gifted he found his calling from the job of paleontologist. After he graduated at age 25, he spent the first year doing voluntary work to gain credits, until landed a job as one of the curators in British Natural History Museum, in London.

After a struggling beginning, he succeeded in securing himself and his father a wealthy life. His work took him around the world, in conferences and sometimes in the fields and on one such trip he found something he hadn't even had much time to think about; a life companion. He'd had a few short relationships but nothing that would've lasted for much longer than a couple of years, due to his extensive travelling. After he married, and even more after his son was born he turned down most opportunities to travel abroad and participated in the work-related trips only if absolutely necessary. Ever since he's hunted for fossils on the fields mainly on his spare time, with his family.


- Suffers from fear of heights, though relatively mildly. He can handle spending a few minutes on the roof of a two-story house, but not much higher.

- Does not believe in magic, but wouldn't deny its possible existence.

- Loves ocean and beaches.

VOICE: Scott - Asa - Shana
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Scott Wolff
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