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 Creatures and campfire stories

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Linder Merill

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PostSubject: Re: Creatures and campfire stories   Fri 26 Feb - 19:35

As they approached the camp Linder pulled out his wand and cast Obliterate to remove any traces or tracks that led to the camp.  He did his best to understand what spells protected the camp as he casually mentioned, “I understand you have placed protective spells around your camp.  Some of my favorites are the concealment charm, the disillusionment charm, the imperturbable charm, and of course the Repello Muggleum.”  If any of these were missing, he cast them.

As he slowed upon entering the area he also cast a Homenum revelio spell to reveal human presence in the area.  Replacing his wand he smiled slightly as Jacob mentioned the stool.  He looked around the camp as he shrugged off his backpack and commented, “Nice gear, all very functional and most of it with a quaint appearance.  I tend to like older things that still work well myself.  As to the stool”, from his pack he pulled out an old fashion one, complete with a well-worn but very comfortable pillow on the seat, and set it next to the fire pit.  Setting his pack next to it he said, “I have everything one might need for camping, among other things, in my enchanted pack.  Remember Jacob, I do a lot of camping in my hob, often for long periods of time, and I do like my comfort.

Watching the man prepare the fish for cooking reminded him of his growing hunger.  He typically never bothered with cooking fish, preferring to change into his hawk form and enjoy the fresh fish as a bird of prey.  He thought about that and grinned impishly, “I have yet another surprise to reveal, but seeing it has more impact than any words could convey.  I think Stephen will enjoy seeing it too.”

Once the boy emerged from the tent, Linder said, "Watch closely now!"  He tossed his fish high into the air.  He seemed to leap off the ground as if he would follow it.  His form shimmered briefly as his feet left the ground, then he transformed into that of a goshawk.  Wings flapping, he screeched once as he angled toward the airborne fish.  This sound spooked a squirrel in a nearby tree and a few smaller birds in the area, all of which fled with fearful haste from what they recognized as a potential predator.  The hawk gracefully flew up to snatch the fish in midair, then angled up steeper as he flew to the nearest tree branch.

Perching comfortably, he stared down at his hosts a moment before his very sharp beak began to tear into the fish.  He consumed every part of the fish, though a few scales fell to the ground in the process.  Once finished eating, he cleaned his feathers and sat for a few more moments, perusing the area with his enhanced vision.

He then dove off the branch and spread his wings, gaining speed quickly as his feathers and muscles carried him elegantly through a pair of trees set very close together at the edge of camp.  He soon vanished into the forest, deftly flying through spaces far too small for his wingspan with the incredible agility few birds of prey could match.  He screeched a few times to let them know his location as he flew about, his streaking form visible to the quick eye on occasion as he maneuvered through the forest.  Though difficult to follow precisely, he generally flew in a large circle around the camp looking for any unusual signs of recent passage or hidden dangers.

Returning to camp he fluttered his wings as he neared the ground.  His form shimmered again briefly, and then altered back to his human form as his feet lightly touched the ground in a well-practiced landing maneuver.  He grinned and bowed slightly, then took his seat on his camp stool without a word.

Game on...
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Jacob King
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PostSubject: Re: Creatures and campfire stories   Sat 5 Mar - 7:29

He nodded appreciatively at Linder's comments, and wondered what the surprise could possibly be but it sounded innocent enough to not be questioned beforehand. Soon Stephen emerged from the tent, arms full of branches and twigs they'd collected from the ground earlier that day and having changed the rubber boots to red-and-blue sneakers. The boy did as Linder recommended, keeping a close eye on the man as he dropped the wood into the fire pit all at once.
”Daddy, he's a bird! He was a bird all this time!” he yelled and pointed at the animal, utterly fascinated and surprised by what he just saw. He'd never known anything like it, as his family spent more time in the muggle society and while they did have magical friends and books and all that, these kind of things did not belong to their everyday life on any level.
”In a way, yes,” Jacob commented, proceeding to gut the second fish. He too had stopped for the moment, though not mind-blown like his young son it was still quite impressive to see such transformation. He knew a couple of animagi but not very well, so this wasn't something he witnessed very often.
”He is just a man,” he continued as Stephen followed the bird to the tree and stared up at it as it began to feast. ”But all wizards and witches have an animal form inside which they can transform into. Linder's form apparently is a hawk.”
The boy's mind raced with fantasies and questions but for a while he could only silently stare. It was hard to believe the bird had been a perfectly normal adult man just a few moments ago. It behaved so naturally like a bird. Jacob had noticed it too, leading him to conclude Linder had practised this skill a long time ago and had spent a lot of time in that form. This conclusion was soon verified further as he watched him navigate the trees with a grace and speed of a real bird. Of course, he reckoned, part of the animagi nature might automatically grant some of the animal's characteristics but still...Surely learning to move in an utterly different way and form would require time to get used to.

”I want to be a dinosaur!” Stephen declared as he tried to catch any glimpse of the hawk beneath the trees.
”I'm afraid you can't choose your form, but if you could...what kind of a dino would you be?”
”A T-Rex! The biggest there ever was!”
”That's very cool. I might want to be one of those that flew,” the man stated, smiling to himself. He doubted, though, that anyone could actually have a form of an animal that's gone extinct, especially some sixty-five million years ago.
"Me, too!" Stephen changed his mind, "...They did eat meat?"
Jacob crouched down to set the wood safely into the pit and added a few coals under them, to start a small fire.
"Some of them did," he replied as he nestled in the coals some new potatoes he'd prepared before the fishing trip and wrapped in a couple of layers of aluminium foil, and lighted the fire with matches. He'd divided the pit to two zones, one for the coals and one for an open flame. The rain wasn't hard enough to drown the flames, so he placed only sticks over the fire and then a large piece of fish on them skin side down.
”Come on, now, stay here. He'll be back.” Jacob told the boy who was about to venture into the woods when they heard the hawk Linder further away. Stephen gave up and returned to the smoking fire pit, sat on the ground half laying on a stool.
”What's your animal form? And mum's?”
”I don't know. We haven't practised that, and doing so is the only way you can find out,” Jacob replied as he sat on his stool.
”Why not? I'll start practising tonight!”
”It's hard work and could go seriously wrong during the practise, and it takes a very long time to master. It just doesn't feel worth it if you don't have any need for an animal form,” Jacob explained. ”So don't be disappointed if nothing happens, yet,” he said – or rather when nothing happens, he added to himself. ”Your magic is very powerful just like mine and your uncle's was when we were little, but magic like that is very advanced and you are only starting out.”
Even that was giving more hope of success than a 5-year old could ever have, but there would be no harm in trying as much as his little heart desired. In reality, he'd barely had the time to learn how to control his powers enough for it to not accidentally manifest so easily when he was really angry or scared. Though he managed it well enough by now to quite safely attend state school whenever they'd decide to register him there, still it was a long way from casting any kind of spells on purpose.

”It must feel brilliant, to have wings and be able to fly like that,” Jacob commented, looking at Linder when the man sat near them in his human form again.
”If- if you turned into an elephant, could you have huuuge ears and fly with them?” Stephen waved his arms as he looked at Linder, just as excited as before.
Jacob turned his attention to the fire ton ensure the fish didn't burn while smiling to himself again at the boy's literal interpretation, thinking of all those times the home video commercials talked about magic of Disney's entertainment.

~ VOICE: Jacob - Stephen/Hunter - Carrie - Freya

~ PROFILE: Jacob - Stephen/Hunter
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Linder Merill

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PostSubject: Re: Creatures and campfire stories   Sun 6 Mar - 18:07

Linder laughed at the thought of elephants flying, having seen the real animal on several occasions. Despite the famous Disney fantasy, the reality was something entirely ridiculous. He exclaimed “Oh my gracious, in order to fly an elephant would have to have ears so big they would drag around on the ground! But Dumbo is one of my favorite Disney characters anyway.

Settling into his seat comfortably, the slender wizard added in a serious tone, “I am very glad you enjoyed that, but I can tell you it takes a lot of practice to transform into an animal. I practiced for years before I could get it just right, and flying like that took even more practice. The first few times were not so successful, and even after I mastered the form, learning to fly well was another tough task. I knew I wanted to do it right after we learned about animagi in school, but it took quite a few years after that before I knew enough to even try. I am registered with the Ministry of Magic, which means I had to know the process well and be able to demonstrate my ability. Speaking for myself only, I think it was well worth all the time and effort. But most do not agree and think the time could be better spent learning other magic.

He grinned slightly as he shrugged, “In the last few years I have spent much time as a hawk. I enjoy it immensely, and it has proven very useful in my profession. While I do own a flying broom, and use it occasionally, I find that my hawk form is more fun and much more useful in most situations. So the next time you see or hear a goshawk, remember, it could be me!

Game on...
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PostSubject: Re: Creatures and campfire stories   

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Creatures and campfire stories
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