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 Linder Merill

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Linder Merill

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PostSubject: Linder Merill   Thu 5 Nov - 17:19

Character Name: Linder Merill
Birthdate & Age: October 26, 1955, Age 25 in 1980
Origin: Bristol
Blood Status: Pureblood
Registered Animagus (Hawk - Northern Goshawk)
Wand: Hazel (pine handle), slightly supple, 13 inches, phoenix feather core
Occupation: Harvester of wand wood for Garrick Ollivander, adventurer
Family: Parents (deceased); Linda (1937) & Peter (1936), siblings (deceased); Sally (1961), Elizabeth (1966), great aunt Walinda Merill (with whom their house elf Finkles lives)
Current Residence: none/hotels
Student at Hogwarts (Ravenclaw): 1967-1974
Strong in Magic (Earned O in all 9 O.W.L. tests, High grades at N.E.W.T.S. level): Ancient Runes (O) , Charms (O), Defense Against Dark Arts (O), Herbology (O), Muggle Studies (E), Potions (E), Transfiguration (O).  Earned a grade of O in Chemistry, English, Math, Physics, and an E in Astronomy, Biology.

Appearance: Linder is tall, thin, and pale.  He has long, black, smooth hair which is usually tied back tightly into a ponytail.  His eyes are light blue and penetrating, set in a roguishly handsome face, marked by a slightly crooked hawkish nose with a small scar on the bridge.  He often wears clothes that are fashionable for the region he finds himself in, tending to darker colors most often.  He almost always wears a hat, or other form of head covering, preferring those that shade his face and neck when possible.  A pair of sporty sunglasses are often perched on his nose, even inside, as his eyes are very sensitive to light.

Personality: Quiet to the point of being considered anti-social, Linder is a very studious individual and likes to keep to himself.  Though he is friendly when engaged in conversation, he rarely initiates it, unless it concerns business.  He has a strange sense of humor and a quick wit that most find offensive, but is most often simply misunderstood or not fully comprehended by dull witted people.  This often causes vitriolic reactions from him, more so in his youth, when he got angry that his jokes and acerbic comments meant only to tease and entertain were misconstrued as offensive or antagonistic.  He was so often referred to as an instigator, as he matured he developed a more reserved persona in public with those he doesn’t know well.  Those few who do get to know him are still caught off guard at times by his cutting honesty and lack of what most consider politeness.

History: Raised in a magic family, Linder was the oldest child.  His Father worked for Ollivander collecting rare wood from afar for wands, and he was often taken along on such trips from an early age as he showed an interest and unusual ability to identify such trees.  By the time his youngest sibling was born (1966) his Father had settled down to work for an import company that specialized in wood products.  The next year was Linder’s first year at Hogwarts (1967-1974).

Interests: Outside of work he likes stargazing, gambling (especially poker), just about anything that’s related to nature (especially forests), birds, Quidditch, and muggle flying machines.  He’s a voracious reader, mostly interested in educational material in the fields he finds interesting: herbology, potions, magical beasts, transfiguration, flying, defense against dark arts, mathematics, physics, philosophy, biology (especially botany, specifically dendrology), and geography.

Linder loves traveling, whether to places he’s been before to explore further, or to places he’s never visited.  It’s not just the destinations, but the act of traveling itself that holds great interest to him.  Being an animagus able to transform into a hawk when he wants, he can, and often does, fly over areas to get a unique view with the enhanced vision this form provides.  Typically he will also use his Firebolt to fly over again in human form, for a slightly different perspective, not to mention the sheer joy of flying.  Though he is also very adept at apparition, he finds other forms of travel more satisfying generally.  He prefers trains and boats to planes, as he is rarely in any hurry to get anywhere.  This also allows for a more personal and deeply immersed experience in the environment traveled through.  Often he will spot something while traveling that catches his attention, so he will make unscheduled stops to investigate.  He’s a sightseer extraordinaire, a consummate tourist, and a true connoisseur of foreign culture.

One of his deepest passions is music, and he enjoys listening to nearly all genres at times.  Classical is his favorite type of music, and he will frequently go out of his way to attend concerts or recitals of his favorite pieces or composers.  He also goes to rock concerts, music clubs, and is attracted to any performance in any venue, including street performers or those who play in bazaars or festivals.  He’s a huge Beatles fan, and likes to listen to many other artists who were influenced by them.  Though he’s met a few others, his favorite personal acquaintance, and the only one he would consider a friend in the music industry, is Jimmy Page.

Linder is very cosmopolitan in his world views, appreciating cultures of all kinds in some fashion.  His political views are hard to categorize, other than an adamant belief that not everything can be politicized.  His own study of philosophy allows him to understand that politics is simply a very limited branch of philosophy, and he always treats it as such.

Magic possessions: Flying Brooms; Nimbus 1700 & Firebolt (right after they come out), Monster Book of Monsters, Most Potente Potions Book, various books on magic and mundane subjects, Everlasting Candle, enchanted pocket watch (magically adjusts to the time zone it is in), Silver Dagger (Flagrante Curse except me), Backpack, Wallet, Tent, Overcoat (all 4 have an Undetectable Extension Charm), various potions and antidotes, potion making kit.

Also has very high quality clothing from nearly every society on earth.

About me:  
Username: Gryndel
Age: 56

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Linder Merill

Posts : 33
Join date : 2015-11-04

PostSubject: Linder's Elusion "Declino"   Tue 10 Nov - 17:14

During his last years at Hogwarts Linder began to develop a spell of his own.  Unsatisfied with the spells typically used in duels, he sought to perfect one that had the best chance of succeeding against any other spell.  He worked out one, after a few close calls in which the exact nature of the magic was still not fully understood, and the word to enact it just didn’t quite fit.

He had started his attempts with the word “Deflecto”, being the most obvious application of the intent in the Latin language.  He tried others as well, including "Reflecto", but he settled on “Declino” as it had a wider variety of meanings in translation.  He’s the only known person to know how to use it, and he calls it Linder’s Elusion.  Every time he uses it, the defensive spell works perfectly. The magic is redirected, which in itself can be dangerous to anyone else nearby, occasionally rebounding on whoever cast it.  The first time this happened gave him reason to refine it, so he seeks to focus the spell to consistently reflect the magic back at his opponent.

He’s confident it can work against any spell, hex, jinx or curse, including the Unforgivable Curses.  He has yet to test this out of course, since few witches or wizards would try it just for research purposes.
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Linder Merill

Posts : 33
Join date : 2015-11-04

PostSubject: Linder at Hogwarts   Fri 4 Dec - 19:31

Being from a magical family, and naturally curious, Linder learned a good deal about magic and related subjects before he ever set foot in Hogwarts. A prodigious reader, he would often be found with a book in hand, frequently focused on subjects and material most would presume was well beyond a boy of his age. But his parents knew him well, and allowed him to read anything he desired. This meant he was well versed in all manner of theory, history and background about magic by the time he entered Hogwarts in 1967. He didn’t restrict himself to magic as a subject either. Being homeschooled he was exposed to many Muggle subjects and the literary classics.

Declared the finest student overall since Dumbledore went to Hogwarts, Linder was the top student of Ravenclaw House and the entire school during each of his seven years in Hogwarts (1967-1974).  He went to school with some of the now famous members of the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters.  Since none of them were in the same year, and since he was in a different House than most of them, he knows none of them well.  His independent nature and presumed anti-social behavior, most particularly being a studious loner with few outward emotions, meant he was ostracized by most of his contemporary students.

During his years there he met or knew Arthur Weasley (60s), Molly Prewett (61-68), (71-77): Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and James Potter from Gryffindor.  Those from Slytherin House in those years included Bellatrix Black (63-70), Lucius Malfoy (65-72), Narcissa Black (66-73), Regulus Black (72-79), Rodolphus LeStrange (70s), Rabastan LeStrange (70s), Evan Rosier (70s), Severus Snape (71-78), Avery (71-78),  and Wilkes (70s).

Most of his teachers actually liked him, at least as a student, except when his mischievous streak or anger occasionally manifested itself and overwhelmed his judgment.  There were a few occasions, especially in his first few years, when the bullying of his fellow students caused him to lose his temper.  But instead of lashing out in reaction at the time, he would usually devise clever and insidious pranks to embarrass them in public, occasionally resulting in some minor injuries to his tormentors.

His extraordinary performance in classes, inexplicably advanced knowledge of magic, consistently high grades on exams, and the fact that he somehow avoided getting into trouble most of the time caused them to view him as a model student.  But this also brought more than a little grief for the youngster, especially in his first years at Hogwarts, being viewed by fellow students as a teacher’s pet and weak.

He was often the target of pranks and impromptu duels with other students, even those in his own house.  This served to hone his dueling skills, and inspired him to create Linder’s Elusion, the spell he used so successfully in duels to deflect opposing magic.  While none have dared to attempt an unforgivable curse on him yet, which he still believes stems from their fear of having it reflected back at them, he has always been confident that his spell could even protect him from those.  Having earned a fearsome reputation in school for winning these duels, particularly when he used his own spell to defeat any who would challenge him, his potential foes generally avoid contact with him in adult life.

The year he graduated (1974) he entered the All-England dueling contest and became Champion for five years in a row (1976-1980) after obtaining second place in the first two years.  Many of these duels ended when he used his spell, resulting in the magic flung at him by his opposition being reflected back to affect the caster and incapacitate them.  After his fifth Championship he retired from the competition, having decided to devote more time to his chosen profession of collecting wand wood for Ollivander.

See this thread for more details of each year.
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PostSubject: Re: Linder Merill   

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Linder Merill
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