A play-by-post Harry Potter RPG set during the 1980s and early '90s!
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PostSubject: Application   Thu 23 Jul - 20:01

If you haven't visited our website yet, please read and follow the steps on this page before filling in the application!
Thank you!


Important notes:

Unless stated otherwise, all fields are mandatory - but feel free to rearrange and rename them and add any fields you please. Just don't move the Play-by field. It can be dropped if you don't use photos. Feel free to style this sheet in any way you want as long as it's clear to read and doesn't use too much colour.

Also, if you vision your character's growth rate as a child, ("short for his/her age", "average size", "tall for his/her age"), here are great charts to help you be realistic with it, for both genders!

Applications must be sent to this board only, on your OOC account!
But for registering an accepted character you may copy & paste this initial e-mail: kieransrpg[at]yahoo.com
Just change the "[at]" into the actual symbol. No validation code, only I know that e-mail's password, and I'll change it to your personal e-mail after you've registered.

Quote :
Play-by: (Can be dropped if you don't use photos.)
BIRTH DATE & AGE: (Also the year & the age during the timeline of 1980-1992.)
SPECIES: (Can be dropped if it's a human. Vampires and werewolves count as human.)
BLOOD STATUS: (Half-blood / muggle-born / muggle / ”pure-blood”. Also mention if it's a squib, or a vampire, a werewolf or other part-creature. Can be dropped if it's a pure magical creature.)
OCCUPATION: (Can be dropped if it's a ghost or a kelpie. Unless you vision it actually has a job.)
FAMILY: (At least names and birth years of parents. And of siblings and children if has any.)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: (The town/city & the country. If in London, where in London? You need to know where your character's house is.)
APPEARANCE: (At least height, weight, eyes, hair, and a more in-depth description. If you use a play-by it can be as in-depth as you want, but there should be at least something more in text description.)
PERSONALITY: (At least an in-depth description, and remember a character needs to have at least a few significant weaknesses.)
HISTORY: (In-depth history, at least any major events that shaped it into the person it is.)

Age: (you must be at least 15 years old)
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