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 Benjamin King / Luke Milan

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Jacob King
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PostSubject: Benjamin King / Luke Milan   Mon 20 Jul - 8:30

Character & its infos © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Hugh Dancy
Original/real name: Benjamin King, (Ben)
Also known as: Luke Milan (from 07/1959 to 03/1993)
* From the day he was abducted at age 5 he went by Luke Milan, and eventually changed it back to his original name a few months after finding his real family at age 38.
AGE/BIRTH DATE: 25-38-years old (2. March 1954)
OCCUPATION: Paleontologist / curator in the British Natural History Museum.
HOGWARTS: Never attented Hogwarts, as he didn't remember/know he is a wizard until he was in his thirties.
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood.
The Gallop, Sutton. Surrey/London. (1979-->)

Biol. mother: Josephine King - † 1959
Biol. father: Aaron King - † 1959
Biol. grandfather: Stephen King - † 1969
”Mother”: Halie Fay Milan - († 1989)
”Father”: Jayden Isaac Riley, († 1959)
Brother: Jacob Aaron King
Nephew: Stephen Hunter King
Niece: Freya Emilia King
Brother's partner: Carrie Isabelle Cooper
Godson: Asa Zane Josiah Wolff


Eyes: Grayish blue.
Hair: Dark brown with natural curls.
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Rather athletic. Facial features are long and face shape something between round and diamond. He almost never keeps a beard or mustache and when he does it's very light.

* His voice.


- creative writing (and he keeps a journal)
- photographing
- reading
- swimming
- gym
- children
- video games
- beaches/ocean
- supernatural things (they faschinate him)


- supernatural things (they also scare him)
- darkness
- unless with a friend he prefers stayng indoors after dusk
- short walks at dawn
- drinking too much tea

- intelligent
- good listener
- tolerant
- broad-minded


- fear of darkness
- mistrust of men
- withdraws when feeling blue/bad.


He lived happily with an older brother for the first five years, born to half-blood witch and a wizard. He used to be a lot like his future nephew would; adventurous, curious, spirited, head-stong and family-centered.

Just before his brother's eigth birthday while shopping with his parents he decided to take off in search for a perfect birthday present for Jacob, not wanting to just paricipate in whatever their parents were giving him. Soon enough he noticed he wasn't that great navigating the streets of Central London after all, and got lost. He had no time to worry because a box of kittens attracted him on a street corner, and had him consider picking one of those furry little cuties for his brother.

He was joined by a young woman who suggested a talking kitten instead, said that she had a few newborns at home. Ben had been taught not to go with strangers and usually respected that rule, but this time the lure was too attractive and important to him - while the woman knew his and his whole family's names. So surely this kind woman with a friendly face and obvious knowledge of magic couldn't be a complete stranger, even though he didn't recall seeing her before.

The woman lead him to a side street where her car was wating, and in the car waited a man. They drove longer than Ben felt comfortable with, after knowingly breaking a well-known rule. But they managed to convince him that though they lived quite far it would be worth it and they'd take him home soon.

By nightfall Ben had learned that there were no kittens of any sort and that he wouldn't be going home that day. The man told him someone had needed to take them to the vet and that they'd be brought back in a couple of days and that he'd talked to Ben's parents, that it would be okay for him to spend a couple of days there. He could go home by his brother's birthday.
But weeks passed with numerous excuses and increasing violence.

For several months Ben suffered various types of tortue by the wizard's hand and wand, eventually mostly spending his time in the basement of their house. In addition to that the man did all but obliviated his memories. It was still enough to have Ben forget where he'd come from, except for his brother. He always vaguely remembered that he was supposed to have an older brother.
At that point he told him he was their son, Luke, named after his baby brother had passed away due to an illness.

Ben had been specifically chosen. The man wanted to experiment with a powerfully magical young child, as for how much deep pain and fear can one take without extreme accidental manifestation of magic, especially when magically manipulating memories. Robbing him off of memories related to his identity wasn't an option, as he feared it might cripple the experinment.

He had previously killed his own infant son in similar manner, not realizing in time that the child had been way too young to manifest magic. He'd talked his partner into keeping the baby's death a secret, convincing her that it'd been an accident but that it might easily lead to murder accusations due to the boy's several medical problems making him potentially unwanted. He also managed to talk her into abducting a child, claiming that she might not be able to birth a healthy child.

Ben survived only because the woman could no longer stand by regardless of how much she too feared her partner. She had genuinely wanted another child and thought they'd raise him with love, but now suspected that her son's death wasn't an accident after all.

That, and desire to save this child, drove him to finally murder her man. She poisoned him and left him in a river. She took extra care to ensure the poison could no longer be traced in his blood by the time the body would be found, and that she could not be linked to the deah after the typical inital suspect status was cleared.
Ben looked enough like their real son who would've been that age, and his appearence had been altered enough to not alarm the police so far away from London.

She moved with "Luke", staying far away from London and in small communites where no one knew them and the nation wide search for Ben hadn't reached yet. When it eventually did, they mad an excuse to move to a larger community and kept low profile.
The boy could not go to therapy, of course, so she had hard time teaching him how to get rid of the accidental magic which she convinced him was not magic but a form of some psychic power...that not many would understand and thus should be kept secret. She herself was a squib and raised by her witch mother, thus familiar enough with the matter to know how accidental magic was controlled into not manifesting.

Ben learned to trust her as she'd been the only light in his life during those three torturous months and continued being kind and gentle - never even physically punishing him for anything. While he by now genuinely believed her to be his real mother.
As her partner had, already in the car, cast the anti-tracking charm on the boy and now it could never be lifted, she knew it wouldn't be very easy for the aurors to find them.

Yet she had seriously considered stepping up and returning Ben to his real family, but she was too afraid of being sent to Azkaban due to her association and help in the abduction and taking so long to save the boy, and for the murder of her partner. While she also felt she needed this child as her son.

As the years passed she grew to genuinely love him as a mother, and Ben eventually learned to control his power relatively well seeing to his traumas and never getting proper therapy. He was home schooled until around age 9 he was registered to a state school as Luke Milan.

After years of relatively happiy living with his loving "mother", Ben became to be more like his old self again though never entirely returned to that. He was also more or less confused, by the story that his brother had died as a baby - after all, he had ever-blurring memories of a brother who was much older. Eventually he dismissed those as tricks of his mind, his unfulfilled desire to have a brother to play with. To him, magic was nothing but fiction and he was glad about that, for subconsciously he knew the truth but best remembered the dark months rather than anything certain from the first five years. Partially because of this he developed fascination with science.

Although never getting a new brother, he wasn't lonely. He made friends easily, though never really formed any truly close friendships. As a young adult he aimed at a career in science, eventually graduating in the field of paleontology and finding a job in London. Around that time, having fallen in love with city life, he moved there. A particular neighbourhood in Sutton, Surrey, had pulled him to itself. It felt like home, much more than any of those he'd grown up in.

Fate had decided to get even more helpful by having him pay attention to one certain house that somehow just felt right. It was quite huge for someone living alone, but then again it would have just enough rooms to house his friends and his godson whenever needed, and still leave one guestroom open. But above all, as he toured it with its then-current owner he had a strange flashback in one of the rooms, the kind he hadn't had since early childhood.
A few more similar ones came to him later after buying the house, but it took thirteen more years before he learned that he'd lived there before and that one day had toured it with his real and only brother.

He may never know why he was taken, as the woman she'd thought was his mother had died a few years earlier. But he now had so many strange things and subconscious feelings explained, and got to hear about his original loving family, to know his brother and his new family - it all gave him courage to dive into the wizarding society much more than he had so far, having found out about magic and his own powers in 1987 but still been too uncomfortable with it to give it a fair chance.

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Benjamin King / Luke Milan
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