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 Carrie Isabelle Cooper

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PostSubject: Carrie Isabelle Cooper   Mon 20 Jul - 8:29

Character & its infos © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Sonya Walger
CHARACRER'S NAME: Carrie Isabelle Cooper
* The first name pronounced similar to 'care-ee'.
AGE/BIRTH DATE: 28-40-years old (1. Oct 1951)
OCCUPATION: Inferior designer.
HOGWARTS: Never attented Hogwarts.
BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-born.
WAND: Pine, unicorn tail hair, 20cm, flexible.
- Queenstown Road, Wandsworth, London, England (1979-1985)
- Kingsley Avenue, Sutton, Surrey/London, England (1985-1987 & 1991-->)
- Little-Whinging, Surrey/London, England (1987-1991)

Father: James Anthony Cooper - † 1975
Mother: Grace Elizabeth Cooper (née. Collins) - † 1975
Partner: Jacob Aaron King
Son: Stephen Hunter King
Daughter: Freya Emilia King
Godson: Cameron Elijah Potter - * 25.12.1990
Codson's parents who are her children's godparents.
Partner's brother, Benjamin King, (although she and Jacob aren't married at least not before some time in the '90s)


Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Blonde.
Height & Weight: 170cm / 60kg


Very feminine body with soft features and noteable curves. Especially her large breasts, (36C), may easily drawe the attention of men meeting her for the first time. She is relatively large for a woman over-all, but well in normal range.Facial features are long, soft and round.
One might as easily take first notice of her beautiful, strong blue eyes and full blonde (or at times dyed brownish) blonde hair, or generally beautiful and gentle face. She is aware of her sexiness and likes to dress accordingly and overall care for her appearence, but remains restrained and appropriate in style and make-up. She looks just about her age.

Her general being is friendly and intelligent, easy to approach, independent and strong-natured. Her voice is warm and gentle and she speaks softly. This may create some motherly feel to it, but motherhood is one thing in life that she hasn't managed to handle. When she was younger she was more withdrawn and distant, but from late '70s it started to change for better.


- drawing/painting
- movies
- reading
- photographing
- children
- walking/running in nature
- hanging out in parks
- deep discussions
- outdoors in general
- parties
- cooking
- camping


- smoking
- hard rain
- turkey

- in the mornings needs half an hour of snoozing before actually getting up
- if she can't sleep she may do some gardening in the cool night air (in the summer)
- eating out once or twice a month

- adapts easily to most situations
- very gifterd in many art forms
- curious to learn new things
- good listener
- gentle
- caring
- tolerant
- broad-minded


- hesitant in decision making (mainly with big decisions)
- weak as an authority figure
- withdrawn / unable to commit in her younger years

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Carrie Isabelle Cooper
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