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 Freya Emilia King

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PostSubject: Freya Emilia King   Mon 20 Jul - 8:27

Character & its infos © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners. I don't own them, and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Hattie Gotobed
CHARACTER'S NAME: Freya Emilia King
* First name pronounced 'frA-a'.
AGE/BIRTH DATE: 0-10-years old (17.7.1982)
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood / Squib
- Wandsworth, London, England (07/1982-05/1985)
- Sutton, Surrey/London, England (06/1985-->)

Great-grandfather: Stephen King - † 1969
Father: Jacob Aaron King
Mother: Carrie Isabelle Cooperr
Uncle: Benjamin King
Brother: Stephen Hunter King
Godparents: Daniel Jonah Potter & Julie Michelle Potter
Godparents' son: Cameron Elijah Potter - * 25/12/1990


Eyes: Bluie.
Hair: Blonde.
Height: 50 cm to 138 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg to 30 kg


That of an average and healthy girl, not skinny or overweight at any point.
She has her mother's eyes and hair colour, and very beauriful friendly face where you'll often find a pretty smile. She grows in normal rate, so for her brother's temporarely slowed down growth and delayed puberty, from 7-years old on she seems like she might be his twin. They don't look that alike but sometimes twins don't either.
The first impression of her is usually positive and strong-natured, and she likes colourful clothing. She wears black very rarely if ever. She usually wears pants, skirts and such only in speial occations and on really hot summer days.

* Her speaking voice is not as soft as the rest of her family's and she also speaks louder.


- drawing
- reading
-  drama club / acting
- collecting stuff
- Care Bears
- Barbie
- board games
- past centuries and different cultures
- camping
- stories (listening)
- creative writing


- forgs/toads, snails, anything slimey that's living
- cleaning
- rap music
- coffee

- helping her parents in chores without being asked
- keeping a journal/diary
- sleeping in a tent on the rare yard in the summer

- independent
- family-centered
- self-confident
- out-going
- social
- mature for her age
- not afraid of rough or muddy play and real fighting, (thanks to her brother)
- talented in drawing and writing


- doesn't like asking for help
- aracnophobia (fear of spiders)
- afraid of large dogs
- way too many ideas and goals for one lifetime and can't decide what path to choose.

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Freya Emilia King
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