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 Stephen Hunter King

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Stephen Hunter King

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Character & its infos © Kieran
Photos belong to all their rightful owners, I don't own them and this is non-profit use.

Play-by: Declan Galbraith
CHARACTER'S NAME: Stephen Hunter King
NICKNAMES: None as for now, but from 04/1987 onward he goes by his middle name which is from then on underlined in official papers. As his first name still remains.
AGE/BIRTH DATE: 0-12 years old (20.2.1980)
HOGWARTS: Ravenclaw (1991-1992)
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood / Werewolf
WAND: Dogwood, unicorn tail hair, 30 cm, semi-flexible.
~ Queenstown Road, Wandsworth, London, England (1980-05/1985)
~ Kingsley Avenue, Sutton, Surrey/London, England (06/1985 onwards.)
--> Floorplans & info
Their fireplaces are not connected to the Floo Network.

Father: Jacob Aaron King - * 30.7.1951
Mother: Carrie Isabelle Cooper - * 1.10.1951
Sister: Freya Emilia King - * 17.7.1982, (squib)
Uncle: Benjamin King - * 2.3.1954, (was abducted at age 5)
Great-grandfather: Stephen King - †† 1969
Godfather: Daniel Jonah Potter (née. Giles) - * 1951 (PLAY-BY: Christian Bale)
Godmother: Julie Michelle Potter - * 1951, muggle (PLAY-BY: Amy Adams))
Godparents' son: Cameron Elijah Potter - * 25.12.1990 (PLAY-BY: Zachary Furnish-John)
(thinks of him as a sort of a little brother he's never had)


He has a friendly face which is decorated by a well-suiting nose, and often also by (in many people's opinion cute/charming) smile and dimples. His ears are big.

~ His hair is so dark brown that it appears to be black unless he's wearing something or standing next to something actually black. His hair is usually done in a swishy or spiky style. It's always somewhat short from the back, it could never be put in a pony-tail.

~ Lashes are long, and the eyes are intense –- that is they seem bottomless. Most often they appear brown with a touch of green, in some lights it's the other way around. But, when looked at very closely they turn out to be multi-coloured; strong brown circle around the iris, the rest is greyish-green and on the left side of this area there's a strong blue stripe going around two thirds of it.

Size and growth:

~ Up until age 5 he's the average size for his age, by age 8 he has fallen into the 1/10 (9%) and between ages 9 and 18 he's just barely in the normal range - among the 2%-0,4% of his peers. Thus, between ages 9-20 he appears 2 or 3 years younger than he is.
During teenage years his very young age appearance is also caused by delayed puberty which makes him appear younger thoroughly and also sound so. (The average child hits puberty at 12-years of age and even the normal-range late bloomers at 13,5-14-years -– but Hunter hits puberty closer to his 15th birthday.)
See the year-by-year table below for a more specific info on his age appearance at a certain age.
(Side note: even though he takes his looks & voice from the play-by, this character's growth rate & onset of puberty are completely made-up.)

~ Because of the temporarily slowed down growth and delayed puberty, from about age 9 he appears the same age as his sister even though he is 2,5 years older.

~ His vocabulary and way of speaking is on the level of his average peer, but it can easily lead to a conclusion that he's mature for his age. At age 21+ he starts to appear his age again, although remains in the lower 10% of adults in height range.

~ His baby teeth start changing to an adult's from age 6 on, and the last ones go at age 13, so he has missing teeth still in early teens.

Height and weight | age appearance by year:
~ baby - (new-born - 50 cm / 3,5 kg)
~ age 3 - 97/15
~ age 5 – 110/19
~ age 6-7 - 113-118/22-24 | appears quite well his age
~ age 8 - 120/24,5
~ age 9-10 - 122-123/25-26 | still looks & sounds like an average 7-year old
~ age 11 - 128/28 | looks & sounds an average 8-year old
~ age 12 - 133/30
~ age 13 -138/32 | looks & sounds an avrg. 10-year old
~ age 14 - 143/35
~ age 15 - 150/38 | looks & sounds an avrg. 12-year old. The first signs of puberty, though do not show with clothes on.
~ age 16 - 153/41 | looks & sounds an avrg. 13-year old. Voice deepens a little bit.
~ age 17 - 158/45 | looks & sounds an avrg. 14-year old. Voice deepens a bit more.
~ age 18 - 164/52 | looks & sounds an avrg. 15-year old, loses baby fat, acne starts, voice breaks.
~ age 19 - 168/57 | looks & sounds of an avrg. 16-year old, does not grow any taller.
~ age 21 - 168 cm / 62 kg | shaves by now, acne & voice change is over, looks about his age.

Wolf form:
~ Completely black fur coat, blue eyes, and looks like a normal wolf.
- Sometimes, if he really wills it, on a full moon night he can trigger minor transformations (such as eye colour change, claw-like nails, longer fangs) and then erase them, a few hours before the involuntary transformation.
- He is cured at age 13, so he doesn't have the time to grow into a full-grown werewolf.
He is just the size of a big wolf cub; (age 7) 50 cm / 20 kg – (age 10) 60 cm / 28 kg – (age 12) 70cm / 35 kg.


~  The texture of his speaking voice is warm, and he speaks quite softly but not too quietly. There's a feel to the sound of his voice, some might say his pre-pubescent voice sounds cute. It's pre-pubescent until Hunter's 16.

~ His pre-pubescent and early-puberty singing voice is truly pleasant, and it's remarkably strong. It's clear as a bell, pitch-perfect, and he hits even the highest notes effortlessly. Usually he holds a tune very well, but he may struggle a bit at it if he tries to sing in early hours of the morning when his voice hasn't opened much even to just talking or if his throat is sore or has a confused state of mind. When he sings his British accent almost completely disappears, pushing through only occasionally while mostly he sounds like an American singer. He's not trying though, it just happens.



Hunter is social and positive person; adventurous, very curious and spirited, stubborn, resourceful and has a rich imagination. He also loves pranking and arguing. He's easily pulled into deep discussions (relative to his age at the time), and he's happy to share his opinions and attitudes.

He tries to be polite towards everyone but doesn't always remember or care about manners. He doesn't get offended easily for he has high self-esteem and laid-back attitude about life. But he has a vengeful side so if he gets real mad at you, you might want to watch out for a more or less cruel "prank". However, usually he settles scores in a rather boyish/childlike manner and is quite a sweet kid in social terms. It's around full moon when some of his unpleasant characteristics may get especially surfaced, though not every time.

He doesn't cry very easily in front of strangers and friends, but channels his hurt through violence or questionable pranks. Before the werewolf, instead of the latter mentioned he often talked about whatever was bothering him. After that it soon takes a patient and trust-stirring being and attitude to get anything out of the boy in talking terms. Hunter  does not trust women as much as he does men. The only person he trusts unreservedly is his father, who is to him the most important person in life and they've very close relationship. But we all have things we can't share with anyone.
All in all, family is the most important thing to him.

Generally taken Hunter respects teachers and other adults, but also forgets it easily when in the middle of pranking or a heated argument. This young man breaks rules often, but not as if he necessarily wanted to or because it's fun but because it just happens when he has fun— and he may not care much. As for school work—, it's enough for him to pass with satisfactory grades. Reading for tests and doing bigger homework assignments he usually doesn't bother until a couple of days before the deadline, at the earliest. But the boy's memory is good and he takes in new information quickly. And during lessons something's bound to stick even accidentally, which in most subjects is enough to achieve the grades he cares to, sometimes even better. Into just about anything else he usually puts full effort and lots of feeling. Except maybe cleaning.

Pranking is one of Hunter's greatest joys in life, but he doesn't do it every day nor just anything. He pranks actively, but doesn't want it to lose influence or glamour. Sometimes there may be even a couple of weeks without any pranks whatsoever, but then he might be planning on a bigger one. His pranks are usually funny, creative and relatively harmless, but sometimes they cross the line of good taste by miles or even get dangerous. Such a prank once got him suspended from his primary school. He aims at originality, but appreciates also the classics.

Hunter was very compassionate and caring at first, but the years of the wolf slowly change him and eventually when it comes to strangers and not-so-close friends, reaching such emotion requires more time or more significant event. This may also source from what the infection did to his family and what happened that night when he was bitten.

He shares his mother's passion for movies and reading, but unlike her, his favourite genre is horror. Throughout the years, even as a child, he's secretly watched at least glimpses or horror movies and books targeted at teenagers and adults. These combined with the wolf's effects have him sometimes ponder what it would feel like to one night skip a potion, run away and kill a human being. For years he's very much in love with his werewolf curse.

His onset of puberty is delayed for almost a year seeing to even the latest of the late bloomers, so during his teenage years Hunter has social and some self-esteem problems. It's not always easy to be a teenager but still appear like a little kid.

Outdoor play, physical education (the school subject), camping, baseball and European football - (plays in his school's football team), animals, horror genre/stuff in general, Batman, Star Wars, singing, video games and board games, Matchbox cars - (collects them), RC cars and aeroplanes (toy versions), dinosaurs, exploring, R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books...Other favourite books are ie. The Lord of the Rings, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Kazan (by James Oliver Curwood), and Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King. Favourite animal: wolf.

- singing in the shower, silly songs like "Singing in the Rain" or a parody song based on an existing song. Either making it up himself or something he's heard from someone else.
- jumping into a huge pile of leaves if he spots one, and wading in them on the side of a street because it feels and sounds fun. Even as an adult.
- cheating a free bus drive on cold or rainy days on the way to school or back from school or otherwise while hanging around the town.



His mum and dad met a few years before he was born, in a very dramatic and traumatic situation that was a major contributor to his relationship troubles with his mother since birth, and to his family later breaking apart. Hie was born 09:00 on a February morning 1980, in a hospital in Wandsworth, London.
He wasn't planned, but not really unwanted either. Whereas his father Jacob eventually felt that he was ready to be a dad, as the boy grew a bit older his mother Carrie came to conclusion that she's not very maternal for several reasons and so Jacob became the primary care giver to their by that time two children.

When the boy was almost 2-years old his parents took a break, remaining close friends and under the same roof, sharing custody of him. But only a couple of months later Carrie found out she's expecting another of Jacob's children and soon they got back together and Hunter was blessed with a little sister. Freya was mostly well-behaved child who rather focused on arts and listening to stories. The siblings were too different to ever form an especially close bond. However, Hunter does feel protective over her and wants to gain some sort of hero status in her eyes, like dad has in his what with his cool and important job as a police officer.

For the first couple of years he spent most of his time with a stay-at-home mum, but never formed a real mother-son bond with her. Carrie didn't have enough authority in her and there were several deeply impacting events in her life making it difficult for her to be a mum. After the birth of his sister their father took a career break to become a stay-at-home dad for a time and their mum returned to work life. When he was five, his family moved to South London. Into a house with large yards, a garage and that was located on a quiet suburban street in Sutton which had a lot of green areas and one of the lowest crime rates in London - a town considered to be one of the best places to raise children. A town where his father had roots and fond memories, as well as bad ones after losing his parents and brother in childhood but was happy to make new ones with his second family.

Hunter was home schooled until age seven, for several reasons; he wasn't yet mature enough for full-blown school life at age five, his father felt a 5-year old is anyway too young for that, and because his father would never allow other people (except the mother) to apply corporal punishment on his children but back then cp was a common and legal practice in schools. Fortunately it was made illegal just in time when life forced them to register their kids to a state school in the autumn of 1987.

In early 1987 Hunter started to dig into horror genre more deeply and especially everything supernatural fascinated him greatly. When he heard from his wizard friends that there really were such things as werewolves, he absolutely wanted to see one with his own eyes. Were they really those cool muscular monsters walking on two feet or something else entirely? On the next full moon night, as they were vacationing in Scotland, he sneaked out of the window and made his then 4-year old sister tag along, because he wanted to show her how brave he could be, and to protect someone in a dangerous situation (just like dad.) The siblings wandered for hours on the streets of the small town but found nothing. Finally Freya's pleas to go back were heard, but on the way they got more than they were prepared for.

A werewolf found them, a muggle who had a chance to and taken Wolfsbane potion for years but gone mad from the curse. Being provided with two young delicious smelling victims he couldn't decide which one to eat first so he bit the boy and then attacked the girl. Her scream shook Hunter out of the shock and before the wolf could physically harm Freya who had managed to hide in a barn, Hunter had succeeded to chop off its front paw with a small axe he'd found on the yard.
Barely, with the strength of a distressed and badly wounded 7-year old. The children survived without further injuries and found their way back to their room. The werewolf might have returned to revenge the lost limb, but being wounded like that turned him into a victim of a werewolf hunter that same night.

Hunter didn't dare to tell his parents what had happened, didn't really even know how he could possibly explain all that, and made his sister vow to keep the secret as well. He had her believe that she'd be just as much in trouble as he, if she'd tell on him. But he couldn't hide his wound for long, - although he did clean it well at first, it started to get infected for lack of further proper care. He claimed he'd been feeding a stray dog and it'd bit him but that he hadn't told because he didn't want any trouble for the poor doggie. Of course his lie was revealed in a couple of weeks, when his behaviour started to be alarming and aggressive during the week leading up to the full moon. Still he didn't tell the whole truth but claimed he was out alone and had escaped with the help of some man.

By the full moon night they had begun to build an extra room into the basement, where a wild and angry little wolf cub soon raged and howled. Hunter was still locked in during the next full moon, even though he had taken Wolfsbane Potion every night. Jacob didn't quite trust that even any magic potion would calm his spirited son, and accidents could happen. Jacob also started studying everything he could find on werewolves, in hopes to find a cure. But he couldn't find anything that would work, while some claimed cures were out of the question and completely senseless with their brutality.

Initially Hunter was terrified, but soon after the first transformation he got totally excited about the curse as a huge horror fan. He insisted to be called by his middle name from then on. His mother refused and kept on calling him Stephen, even though it most often wasn't answered to. Even with all the precautions and the fact that this was her little boy, Carrie couldn't take it for long.

The parents came to decision that living under the same roof would not work for long anymore. There had been other problems between them as a couple, which made the decision to move apart and go on a break from the relationship, much easier. To make it easier on the children, they gave up shared custody and Jacob became a single parent.

Of course Jacob didn't tell all the reasons for Carrie's moving out and eventually absence, as the children were way too young to hear such stories and especially the boy's psyche should be cared for now more than ever. He said something about grown-ups sometimes having problems to which the only solution was to live apart for a time, and that mum and dad still loved each other very much, perhaps just in a different way than before. Carrie was supposed to keep in contact by phone and meet the kids too, after getting her life on track in Little Whinging where she'd moved back into her childhood home. But the plan didn't go quite as well as was intended.

Jacob tried to keep the kids in after-school clubs, but Hunter was often asked to leave and not return, for pranks that got out of hand. On fourth grade he got suspended for two months from his primary school, for a thoughtless prank that nearly cost a girl's life.
His teachers encouraged him to aim at a career as a singer, as he truly has the talent, but it never interested him that much. But he loved singing and practiced voice control for one in music class at school and with the help of his godmother. He just needs a job where he can use his hands and resourcefulness.

Time passed, and Freya really began to miss their mother as she no longer had a close female role model in her life.– Their godmother was there actively and she loved her but could not be in their daily life, and Freya had been a mummy's girl whereas Hunter's always been a daddy's boy. They still didn't know the truth but Freya started to blame her brother for their mother's abandonment as they both had figured it had something to do with werewolves. Hunter didn't mind her absence all that much—, just that she didn't keep any contact and he wondered why. But he didn't like being blamed for something he had no power over, and he liked his mother enough to feel that disappearing like that wasn't fair. This situation had the siblings grow more distant and caused increasing quarrelling and fights.

At age 9 Hunter's growth had slowed down too much seeing to the original rate and seeing to the estimated adult height based on the parents' heights, so he was tested but nothing abnormal was found.
The matter was let go as the boy was healthy and otherwise developing normally, and even the growth rate was well within normal range. Within another year the rate had again dropped remarkably -– now to the lowest percents of the normal range, and the 10-year old boy was tested even more, yet still nothing was found. This had Jacob and Carrie believe that the cause was the werewolf infection of which muggles just couldn't find any traces because of the Wolfsbane potion.

As the boy was still very young, his parents and doctors tried not to worry too much –- as long as the growth rate wouldn't drop any more. At this point, as the wolf neared its puberty, the boys growth rate started to pick up but because of the Wolfsbane potion it remained relatively slow, raising it only to a normal growth rate of a pre-pubescent child. He remained on the low limit of normal range because he'd grown abnormally slowly for so long and the wolf was gone by the time he himself hit puberty.
That too had him want some tests to be done but the results came out with nothing alarming, and his parents believed the wolf's years contributing to this as well. But partially it might have been hereditary as the boy wasn't the only one with delayed puberty in their family tree.

On a full moon night just before his tenth birthday, when his father was working on overtime, Hunter gave in to his desire to know the wolf. Secretly he'd skipped one Wolfsbane Potion that week and eventually ran away on the full moon night, letting the wolf free. However, his intentions were not to harm anyone. A lot of drama happened that night even before the transformation, and it lead him and his sister to a nearby police station (though not the one where their father worked.) Fortunately these events lead his father to learn about the real level of danger just in time and thus he was able to chase the wolf down before it could do in or infect any people. There was a victim however, a poor almost defensless German Shepherd. The wolf itself was nearly killed by a werewolf hunter.
Here is a completed one-shot story about that night I've written a few years ago, in case you're interested to read more about it.

At this point his mother returned into their life, although wasn't yet able to move back into the same house with a werewolf. Carrie and Jacob's relationship began to warm up and deepen again, until around Christmas 1990 they got back together and in the summer of 1991 she moved back in.

Hunter attended Hogwarts in the year 1991-1992, but dropped out for several reasons; his parents felt that he needs to be home more if they ever hope him and his mother's relationship to get better, in the summer of 1992 Hunter bit his little sister on a full moon night (but fortunately his transformation wasn't quite complete so she didn't get infected, just got a wolfish trait), Hunter's dreams and goals weighted more towards the muggle society's job selections, and Jacob felt like Dumbledore might be losing grip on the security of the school. What with having a vicious three-headed dog right in the middle of the castle without any sort of a lock or protection spell in the door to prevent children from entering, rumours of a detention in the Dark Forest without proper adult supervision/protection, trolls in the basement and finally the rumour of Voldemort and Harry's battle. Although Jacob doesn't think there was much Dumbledore could've done about Voldemort's arrival...but the other things are an entirely different matter.

So, although they took good care of his boy in Hogwarts and he appreciated the tolerance and kindness shown by even letting him in, Jacob decided that for every possible reason it would be better for the boy to attend a muggle secondary school and spending the rest of the time near his family. It was anyway originally intended that Hunter would drop out after three years at the most, because his father didn't think it good idea for him to grow up in a boarding school largely raised by other people, given his mental state and questionable attitude/love when it comes to werewolves, which Jacob told Dumbledore already the previous summer when he and Hunter met the headmaster privately in order to discuss the matter of a werewolf possibly attending Hogwarts.
So when Hunter dropped out they just sent a normal letter about it to professor McGonigall and then a personal letter to Dumbledore, to thank him and the staff for the education and care.

While at Hogwarts, Hunter drank Wolfsbane Potion obediently and properly every month although he did dream that he could find a way to remember the night and control the wolf without it. But he wasn't stupid –- there'd be no way he could tamper with the potion without getting caught. He'd have to wait until he's grown-up and living on his own. Every full moon week at random points of a day he visited his Head of House's, professor Flitwick's office, to take the potion that Flitwick had received from professor Snape. This seemed like the least outstanding way to go about it. As Hunter surely visited it other times too, for one being somewhat a troublemaker but also because he joined the school choir.

Late 1992 the family's life takes a completely unexpected turn, again. On Halloween night while trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood, Hunter starts to befriend a boy and in a couple of weeks his father and this boy's godfather with whom he lived at the time, through discussions and some memory-sharing, realise they may have met before. Many times. Two days later at the police station it is confirmed that Luke indeed is the thirty-three years ago abducted Benjamin King.

Hunter is cured from the werewolf infection on March 8th, 1993. (This cure is not canon/official but purely my vision.)
It happened on the morning after an extreme Supermoon. His mother decided to take another step in trying to survive her trauma, especially as she'd always felt bad that she can't even handle her own child's werewolf infection and can't support Jacob in trying to keep the boy's mental health about it in check. So the family makes a plan for Carrie to watch him transform into a wolf in the same room but Carrie backed away at the last minutes, for that night. Especially as Hunter's attitude about it wasn't the best either –- he would've liked to bully/scare her after the transformation. So the boy was sent to the basement room as usual.

But in the morning just before six and when Hunter was still awake, she went to watch the transformation back into human form as it felt a bit easier and still something that would help her forward. As she sincerely talked to him about hoping to build a better and stronger relationship with him, she unintentionally used his birth name, Stephen, for she was thinking of times long past when it still was his everyday name.
The boy couldn't speak of course, but in gestures let her know it would be okay to talk, until finally the transformation process drew him into a coma-like state for a few moments as it always did when going back to human form. The next full moon came and went without any symptoms at all. And so did all the rest of his life.

Hunter did not like the cure at all an let it show and be heard in many ways...And for a time he blamed his mum and a little bit his dad too -– not as if he'd had any inkling of what happened but because he knew his mum had always had issues with werewolves and had just last night talked about wanting a better relationship with him. And dad had tried to find a cure since day one. Maybe they'd managed to do something.

As the months went by he started to believe that no one knew what had cured him. And little by little to appreciate the fact that he no longer had to endure the indescribably painful transformation every month or drink the horridly disgusting potion seven times a month. But he didn't quite know what to do with himself now that he'd have to grow up as a normal human being, for his most clear memories were from the years of the wolf as he'd been infected at such a young age.

He lost his all-year-round super-heightened senses and could not do the things he'd planned to as an adult werewolf. And he felt as if he'd lost a friend, a dark and dangerous but to him one that was ”"important”". For a time he felt a bit empty without the wolf inside waking up once a month, bringing tension and extra excitement.

As time went by the difficulties to let go lead him into thoughtless and dangerous choices, but in the end...although the years of the wolf changed him somewhat as a person, he finds his place and starts to notice and acknowledge the positive things about humanity that he might have missed as a werewolf.

In time Hunter gets over it, maybe is even grateful, but will always miss and fondly recall some aspects about being a werewolf. He'll never change his name back to Stephen although always keeps it in the official papers. He's too used to being called by his middle name and wants to keep it as a memory from another life.


  • PATRONUS: a horse

    SENSES: 03/1987-03/1993 his eye vision, hearing and sense of smell are heightened all year round. As for vision mainly night vision and ability to spot even slightest movement from afar. But in later years he doesn't notice this much unless he really needs it, as they've become as mundane to him as normal senses to normal people.

  • STRENGTHS IN MAGIC: Charms, Potions and Transfigurations. Having inherited these strengths and been practising for half a year prior to Hogwarts, when at school he's more advanced than the average peer - except in potions which require also lots of patience and concentration.

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Hunter hadn't even hit puberty yet, being one of the reasons why he wasn't able to even remotely consider an adult wolf's sexual charge and the risks it could bring. Though he wasn't aware of any twisted sexual orientations anyway, he just followed the rules about stranger danger set by his parents. Usually. Much for his fortune he'd chosen to tag along with one of the best possible werewolves. Hunter, also under the influence of Wolfsbane Potion, preferred food for humans but he was such a huge werewolf fan that on a full moon week and night he didn't find the taste of blood and raw meat disgusting, as long as he knew it wasn't from a human being. Sometimes he actually ate raw meat on a full moon week when the wolf craved it as much as he would crave sweets.

Still, he knew his dad wouldn't approve of hunting even wild animals. He guessed the man feared it would somehow affect him. Hunter had to admit it wasn't that far-fetched thought. But here he was now, stalking foxes in inner turmoil, thinking that killing any living creature - apart from bugs - would probably be incredibly affecting act. He'd already once torn apart a German Shephard...although that had actually been the wolf while he himself remembered nothing of it so it hadn't affected his mind much...but he was partially to blame as he'd let the wolf free.

He kept delaying the attack, fighting the wolf's instincts and pondering if he would use an already dead animal for his plan? What were the chances of coming across one in time, especially one fresh enough? Slowly the cub crawled the last meters and finally leaped towards the foxhole, growling wildly. More than half of his body was left outside as he scratched at the soft earth to gain more space, while the mother fox quickly tended her two cubs out of the back entrance. The whole family reached safe distance, far from the wolf's teeth and Hunter had to pull out. Shaking sand dust, snow and twigs off his black fur coat he snorted in frustration and sneezed sand from his nostrils. As he watched the mother flee with one of her cubs, he cursed his impatiency. Should've first figured where the second entrance was. But wait a second – there had been at least two cubs. The other one must still be near the den or inside it. And he wasn't anyway intending to take the mother – there was no way he'd leave babies without a parent to look after them. Well, maybe they had a father somewhere...but in animal kingdom they usually weren't as caring as many humans were.

Quickly he leapt around the den, sniffing and keeping an eye out for the second entrance and eventually stuck his head inside to find only dirt and darkness. It had such a strong scent that he could not be sure if it was empty or not. He pulled out and looked around, moving his big ears and sniffing the air. Something moved in a nearby bush of stinking leaves. With a couple of leaps Hunter had managed to reach it, pull the cub out and pin it to the ground with his large paws. The little one cried loudly and desperately tried to wiggle away, its distress matched only by its mother's barking and howling as she tried to appear big and threatening. But it didn't dare to attack – Hunter was much bigger and she also sensed that it wasn't a normal wolf but something stranger and much scarier.

It was time to do it and he knew it would be over quickly. He'd seen a documentary where a large adult wolf's biting force was measured to be over 400 pounds, (over 180 kg), and even that had been only in defense. Of course he wasn't as big as that wolf had been, but one tiny frail fox cub would get crushed without any effort. However, thinking of his father's words and watching the baby fox getting tired and more and more desperate the boy just couldn't bite down. He looked at the increasingly panicking female and again at the cub he still had pinned down but which didn't even try anymore. Soon he sighed and stepped off. To make sure the animals understood, he gave the cub a nudge with his muzzle and took a few steps back. The little fox was paralyzed from fear so the mother rushed to her baby's side, picked it up and bolted off as fast as she could.

Hanging his head and his ears, Hunter watched as the fox family disappeared. Maybe he could find a lonely adult fox, maybe it would be easier prey even though he had a heart and his father's wise words with him...? Stupid people had hunted all wolves from the wild centuries ago, so there wouldn't even be anything to steal from them.
Slowly he rose on all fours and glanced around. As his eyes met Remus who'd been following his attempts from further away, he completely forgot about his hunting problems. The guy was something between him and the classic werewolf.
"And you said you were ugly!" Hunter said cheerfully. "You could be a movie star!" he praised as he happily paced towards Remus. "You want me to describe it to you or should we find a pond?"

* VOICE: Stephen/Hunter & Jacob & Carrie & Freya
* SINGING VOICE: age 12-22
* PROFILE: Stephen/Hunter & Jacob
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