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 the King family

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Jacob King
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PostSubject: the King family   Sat 18 Jul - 11:10

---> 06/1985 ONWARDS
I'll post their earlier house later!

Click the floorplan!


Kingsley Avenue, Sutton, Surrey/London, England.
---> Upper class neighbourhood.
(Sutton in general is upper middle class to upper class area, some neughbourhoods are middle-class.)

* 1,5-2,0 km from Sutton's central - (High Street)
--> Typical travel time:
* Bus - of which about half in the bus: 10-20 min
* Car: 5-7 min
* Bike: 6-10 min
* Walk: 20-25 min

* 5,0-5,5 km from the nearest Underground station - (Morden)
--> Typical travel time:
* Bus - mostly in the bus: 17-25 min
* Car: 10-20 min
* Bike: 17-20 min
* Walk: vähän yli 1 tunti

* Approx. 20 km from Central London - (Charing Cross Rd.)
--> Typical travel time:
* Underground + bus: approx. 1 hour
* Car: 00:00-06:00 & early weekend mornings, 45-55 min.
Other times approx. 1 hour 30 min.
* Bike: 1 h 10 min - 1 h 20 min


  • Letter box in the door.

  • Two chimney pipes.

  • Front garden is W: 17 m x D: 6 m
    It's mainly paved with smooth stone but there are some bushes and flowerbeds. Two first windows of the living room are partially covered by a large bush.
    There's a yard light on both sides, they react to movement after dusk.

    - That car is not theirs.
    - You can't apparate/disapparate in their house or on the yard, apart from the garden shed but it's only known to family friends.


W: 15 m x D: 20 m

Details coming later!



  • 167 m2 + basement + garage + garden shed
  • Walls and roof are white.
  • Floors are Wallnut parquet, except for the bathrooms.
  • It's very cosy and well-lighted.[/li]


First reception:

  • W:2,50m x D:2,00m

Entrance hall:

  • W:3m x D:3,5m (max)

Sitting room:

  • W:4m x D:7,50m
  • Among other things: open fireplace, bookcase, grandfather clock, large beany bag chair,
    4-seated semi-soft sofa that opens up into a double-bed, 20'' TV, panel glass sliding doors to the patio.

Dining room:

  • W:4,50 x D:3,00m
  • Near the open fireplace is a trapdoor and stone stairs leading to the basement. It opens towards the back wall and is usually covered with the small white carpet. It's W:90cm x D:1m, easy to go through even while carrying stuff. There's a ficus on the other side of the fireplace.


  • W:6m x D:4,5m
  • Downstairs WC  (1,5 x 1,5m) Two high cabinets and central heating.
  • The upper cabinets are the same colour as the worktops. On the window wall from left to right; dish washer, deep sink, drier, chest of drawers, more worktops, and in the corner a fridge-freezer combo. None of the worktops are actually elevated. And there's the cupboard/closet under the stairs, which is mainly used as a cleaning cupboard.



  • Hallways are nicely wide. In the hollow spot by the study are three high white closets and a Kentia palm. At the end of the hallway between Hunter and his parents' rooms is a large dark brown closet.


  • W: 3m x D: 4,00m
  • Washing machine with a round glass window in the front, and high cabinet next to the tub.

Jacob & Carrie's bedroom:

  • W:4,50 x D:3,00m
  • The side window is lower in size. The front wall is sloping and the windows in a dormer.
  • The door into the study is usually open.
  • Carrie moves awat on 31.12.1987. And back again on 31.6.1991.


  • W:2,5 x D:2,5m
  • 6-slot junk shelf and lots of books on it, white and soft 2-seat sofa, and a second landliner phone on the side table.

Freya's bedroom:

  • W:4,50 x D:3,00m
  • The door into the study is usually closed or slightly ajar.
  • From the door to the right is a bookcase and on the left corner by the bed is a wardrobe.
  • The furniture is added to and changed as she grows; for the first two years there was an alphabet carpet (see Freya's room in the other house) and then is replaced with the maple leaf patterned. And for the first two years her bed is the same small one with safety railings where Hunter slept after her birth (see Hunter's room in the other house) until at age 5 in 1987 Freya got a "grown-up bed".

Hunter's bedroom:

  • W:4,5 x D:3,00m
  • 20.2.1989 onwards there's a stereo set on the chest of drawers next to the door. At some point later maybe a tv.
  • Until the summer of 1987 there is the alphabet carpet. (See Hunter's room in the other house.)


  • W: 6m x D:7,00m
  • Pull a string while on the staircase to turn on the light.
  • Two low windows on the ground level, facing the rare garden.
  • Under the stairs is a well-kept paino but usually it isn't in tune.
  • In the right corner from the stairs is a heating pan.
  • In the larger area among other things a table football game, small cauldron (1m x 1m) – Jacob's old and it's empty. White arm chair, same set with the sofa in the study. And lots of other stuff.
  • Guestroom / Hunter's full moon room; W:4,00m x D:3,00m, wood floor.
    It exists from 14/04/1987, although not quite done until June that year. Prior to April it was just another part of the basement. Because this is mainly for Hunter's full moon needs this room is usually not mentioned and is used as a guestroom only if necessary. Apart from the full moon nights the inner walls are perfectly normal wooden walls. The basement is sound-proof.

Only the floorplans and garden plan are mine. I don't own the images behind the text links. All of these are only meant to provide a visual of a character's residence. This is completely non-profit.

I ceated these floorplans at Floorplanner.com!
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the King family
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